Location – with our Head Office in west Fife, we are well placed in east Scotland to reach a wide geographical location. With any land opportunity, we will carefully consider the number of homes an area needs, transport links to nearby towns and cities, accessibility to local amenities and any other possible infrastructure requirements. We consider all aspects to ensure new communities combine with existing, bringing long lasting, sustainable, energy efficient housing to the area.

Variety - location is important, but we also want to provide a great range of homes to suit a diverse range of needs. Our developments offer variety and flexibility, allowing people to live life as they want to. We work closely with our partners to identify suitable sites capable of supporting our client’s requirements, allowing us to design and deliver homes for varying tenures for their future tenants. 

Transparency – the whole process with Campion Homes is designed to be as clear and open as possible. Trustworthy and reliable, our credibility within the construction industry speaks volumes. Our site processes and workmanship are such that our repeat business rate is very high, and we receive regular referrals. Some of our working relationships with partners span over twenty years and this is down to our professional, positive approach. Our strongest attribute is our passion to listen to what our clients want which allows us to deliver projects seamlessly.



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