Once you have concluded Missives (and depending on the stage of construction of your property) you will be invited to our exciting Choices Suite to begin the process of making your house your home.

As well as a vast range of no cost options there is an extensive menu of competitively priced extras and upgrades which will further enhance your property in advance of your move in day.

You will be guided through the selection process and we will ensure that this is a fun and exciting appointment. 


Create a Lounge which reflects your family's personality, has an atmosphere that is both comfortable and luxurious and makes it a pleasure to welcome friends and family to your home. 


The heart of the house, this is where the day begins and where the family gather in the evening to catch up. It has to be functional, hard wearing, and designed to accommodate your way of life. 


The master bedroom is your retreat, a place of total comfort and privacy. You can make it as sumptuous and romantic or as calming and simple as you please. This is where you can truly be yourself so let your choices reveal the real you.


The place to be utterly relaxed, your bathroom should be streamlined, easily maintained and beautiful so that getting ready for the day ahead, or unwinding as it draws to a close, is a pleasure to be savoured.