2020 has been a year of significant change with COVID-19 leaving an imprint across all areas of our lives.  

With lockdown forcing businesses across the country to close doors, many workers have moved to impromptu ‘work from home’ (WFH) environments. While this sudden change will have thrown up a range of problems, from lack of office space to poor WiFi, to childcare stresses and Zoom fatigue, new research has revealed that around one-third of us hope to continue to WFH, even after lockdown has ended. 

With less commuting time and more quality time with loved ones, we have understandably grown to value being at home more and appreciate more flexible ways of working. 

With experts predicting that between 25 and 30 per cent of us will be working from home in 2021, home buyers will need to consider how their potential new home will accommodate these new working lifestyles. In this blog, we share some tips on making WFH work in your new Campion Homes property.  


Space and light 

Home is where the heart is and now also where the office is, so it’s important that you can create a dedicated area in your new home for working, separate from other day-to-day activities like laundry!  

Your space needs to be functional, inspiring and calming. You will not be productive working from a laptop on the sofa as your brain is programmed to relax there. 

Find a well-lit room or rethink the layout of an existing space in the home that can work as an office area. It should be free from clutter, preferably by a window with lots of natural light and a relaxing view where you can sit, work and concentrate.  

If you don’t have a window nearby you can add a lamp and consider hanging a mirror to amplify the natural light in the workspace. You don’t want to appear in the shadows on your next Zoom call! Speaking of tech, Campion Homes developments come with fibre broadband as standard, ensuring that you can get things done.  


Comfort is king 

It’s important for your wellbeing that your desk and chair fit your build so that you are seated comfortably and can easily reach out to the keyboard to type, write or draw without having to stretch up or out. Measure the workspace and take into account your height before ordering new home office furniture. 

A good desk can be easy to come by and you may already have an option for this in the home design, whether that’s the kitchen table, worktop or a simple dressing table. It is worth investing in a really good ergonomic office chair to help avoid neck and back pain from sitting for too long and your employer might be able to help supply some furniture.  


Office design 

With your home office likely to become a permanent feature you will want to ensure that your office design fits in with your home’s wider interior style. When choosing the materials and fabrics for your desk and chair and storage, consider how they will blend in or complement what’s going on elsewhere in the property and have fun with it!  

Adding personal photos, treasured objects and books can help make you feel calm and warm while plants are great for bringing a bit of nature into the working environment. Just keep clutter to a minimum to avoid distraction and ensure you have exactly what you need for work at arm's length.  


Clear desk policy 

Consider what storage is available in the home for putting away your work when you log off. Having some storage boxes or shelving in your workspace will help you keep your WFH area tidy and clutter-free and will also help you properly disconnect from work for the day.  

Being able to separate work mode from domestic mode is important and by physically putting your work things away you can switch off and transition into a more relaxed mindset. If everything is left out, you will create a temptation to log on and do more work later on  


Living in work or working from home? 

With more of us likely to continue working from home it is vital that we look for homes that can accommodate our changing lifestyles - consider an additional bedroom that can become your dedicated work space.

Give some thought to how your new home will work for your needs, taking into account space and light, design, storage and technology so that your home perfectly meets your needs. With working remotely here to stay, proximity to the office should no longer be a barrier to your new home search as you can consider a wider variety of locations. 


If you’re interested in finding out more, you can view our full range of developments here and you can get in touch with our team if you have any queries.