Summer is fast approaching, and you have likely begun enjoying sunnier days outdoors, so we have put together 5 top tips for first-time gardeners to help spruce up your turf!  

It can be a laborious task when you are tackling the weeds or digging a plot from scratch for the first time, so the Campion Homes team have picked out 5 ways to make the job a little easier.  

Read our blog below to get your green fingers in motion…  

1. Preparing your plot  


To grow happy plants that will pop up year on year, use a home testing kit to check that your soil is the right balance of PH. You can find these kits at most local hardware stores or try this soil tester kit from Amazon  

We recommend using raised beds (boxed in wood above the ground) as this will let the soil heat up faster and allow your plant babies to survive during colder spells with the ever-changing UK weather! These also allow you to control the soil quality and get started gardening more quickly than planting directly into soil. 


2. Choosing the right plants   


After taking ownership of your new property, take a few weeks to monitor your garden space. Establish where the sun and shade prevail as this will allow you to plan what to plant where.  

In an area with a lot of sunlight, aubergines and tomatoes or lavender and geraniums can grow, whereas a shaded patch is better suited to lettuces and carrots or snowdrops and hydrangeas.  

Do you picture a garden full of flowers to gaze at and attract the bees, or are you planning to grow veggies for your dinner plate?  

Have a read of this Royal Horticulture Society guide to buying plants from a garden centre.  

3. Start small  


With so many pictures floating around of perfectly-pruned gardens on Instagram or in Homes & Gardens magazine, it can be tempting to go all out and get carried away with your garden!  

However, we would recommend starting small and honing your gardening skills first with a well-tended patch and then 'growing' from there. You don’t want to create more work for yourself than you can handle by going all out in your first year of gardening – think quality, not quantity! 

4. The right tools for the job  


Start with some basic garden tools and work on building up your skills gradually and you will have your plants growing in no time. Don’t forget that you will need a secure place to store them too!  

When you move into a Campion Home, turf will be planted in the front garden and you may have selected this for the rear garden too, so read up on the leaflets in your handover pack to make sure you look after this correctly over the first few months.  

Here is our list of essential garden tools:  


  • Gloves – save your hands from prickly thorns and muddy nails!  
  • Garden Fork – for turning soil and it can often dig through dense soil better than a spade!  
  • Hand Trowel – great for weeding, planting into containers and transplanting bedding plants, this Kent & Stowe trowel is a great option  
  • Spade – makes easy work of digging holes for plants, edging and moving mounds of soil around  
  • Hoe – useful for preparing your garden and flower beds and cutting weeds down  
  • Watering Can – go for a metal can if you want it to last, this B&Q 3 litre watering can is ideal as it is not too heavy  
  • Lawn Mower – make sure the blade is set at the right level so that you don’t cut the grass too short.  

5. Garden guides  


No one can advise you better than the experts, so we would recommend following some of your favourite gardeners on social media or sign up for their newsletters for regular gardening tips and tricks.  

Check out The Frustrated Gardner for tips on how to fit in gardening around your busy life or Plant Care Today for simple, straightforward gardening advice.  

Campion Homes come with spacious gardens as standard, and they are the perfect blank slate for you to put these tips to use and begin your gardening journey!  



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