This year, there has been a huge push for people to ‘shop local’ and for good reason – small local businesses have been hit harder than anyone in 2020, so it’s vital we support them this festive season to ensure they will survive and prosper for years to come. 

In this blog, we give some of the best reasons why you shop local, how you can do so and shout out our favourite local businesses near our Law View Development in Leven.  


Why shop local 


Local shops are the backbone of our neighbourhoods and our local economies - according to research from Independent Retailer Month, statistics show that for every £1 spent with a local independent business, between 50p-70p circulates back into that local economy. 

Local retailers will often have unique products that you just will not find anywhere else. Naturally, their customer service will be better too – it is much more pleasant to have a chat with another member of your community than interact with an online checkout system! 

By shopping locally, you are also supporting local jobs. Whether it’s a teenager’s first Saturday job in the local bakery or the person whose store has had a place on the high street for decades, helping to grow the number of local jobs in your area brings prosperity to the community, making it a better place to live and work.  


How you can shop small & support local 


Most people will be aware of the local stores in their area and will just be aiming to consciously shop local this festive season to avoid unnecessary travel to larger shopping facilities outwith their Covid 19 tier.  

But if you aren’t sure which stores are local to you or simply want to find more, then there are ways to find out. One of the simplest is to get onto Google Maps and explore the streets of your local town, you might find some hidden gems you have never stumbled upon before! Local Facebook groups are another easy way that you can discover new local shops.  

Of course, you do not even need to make a purchase to support local. You can show your support by liking and sharing their social media channels, mentioning them to a friend or leaving a shining review for them on TripAdvisor or Google. 


Law View - our favourite local businesses  


Our Law View development is in Leven, a seaside town on Fife’s tranquil east coast.  

Leven is home to an excellent range of local businesses. For example, Watson’s of Leven is a Scottish craft butchers specialising in haggis, puddings, sausages and pies, plus its own locally reared, grass-fed beef – delicious and perfect for stocking up for the festive season! 

Another Leven gem is Blacketyside Farmshop & Tearoom, where you can buy fresh local fruit and veg and enjoy a delicious range of home baking when you stop by for a coffee. 

Boutique No.1 is another of our favourites. They stock a brilliant range of clothing, jewellery and accessories and you are guaranteed to find a lovely Christmas gift, as well as a treat for you, there too! 


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