The arrival of a new puppy is an exciting time for everyone and it’s also a time of lots of change around the house. From pet supplies to where they will eat and sleep, there is a lot to consider before your new pup joins the family! 
We have put together a list of ways to prepare for a puppy arriving, so that when they get home, you can focus all your time on training and getting to know them. 

Pet supplies for your puppy 

Once your puppy arrives it is going to be all go, so it is a good idea to have all of their pet supplies ready in advance. The list of accessories available to prepare for a puppy are endless! Here is a list of essentials to get you started: 
- A bed and blanket 
- Food and water bowls 
- Puppy food (each puppy is different so ask for your vet’s advice on what to go for) 
- Collar and tag (this is now a legal requirement) 
- Harness and lead 
- Puppy pads for toilet training and poo bags  
- A comb, dog toothpaste and toothbrush and dog shampoo 
- Toys for your puppy to play with

Adjustments to your home  

Your puppy may be small at the moment, but they will soon grow to take up space in the household! Here are a few of the adjustments that you might want to make to help your puppy to feel at home: 
Sleeping area – Find a spot that is out of the way so that your puppy is not disturbed (they can get excited and stir easily during their first few years!). You can make the spot extra comfy by adding a dog bed, blankets and cushions and even pop this inside a crate so that they have their own base to explore from and retreat to. 
Eating area – Make sure that your puppy's eating area is separate to where they sleep, and store their food in a spot that they can’t get to – especially important for greedy breeds like Labradors! 
Puppy proofing – It is important to set clear boundaries for your puppy from day one so that they learn where they can and can’t go. If you have a garden, make sure that it is secure so that they can play outside safely. Follow suit indoors by moving anything potentially harmful to your puppy out of reach. 

Keeping your puppy healthy 

A new puppy is a lot of fun and also a lot of work, so make sure that you get the support that you need to keep your puppy happy and healthy. 
Register with your local vet and find out what checks or treatments your puppy will need as well as the cost so that you can keep these in mind. Insurance is also a must to avoid any unexpected vet bills! 
Whilst there are many great books and information on how to train your puppy, it might be good for you both to join a puppy training class. Puppies are social creatures, and they will often try to make friends during walks in the park, so why not take this one step further and find a puppy socialisation group too! Look on Facebook for groups in your area. 


Consider your space

Your home must be appropriate for a dog, so before you take the leap, make sure you have enough space indoors and outdoors for them to play, eat and sleep.  

Campion Homes are spacious new builds that are all kitted out with brand new appliances and fittings that can be easily made puppy proof, while the ample outdoor space will give your puppy fresh air and room to play! 
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