As a UK new homes developer, all of our homes come with the NHBC Buildmark guarantee. It is there to offer you peace of mind and to protect you in case of any issues with the construction of your new home.

So, what exactly is the NHBC guarantee and how can it ensure that your new build house is protected?


What is the NHBC?

NHBC stands for the National House Building Council - it is a non-profit organisation aiming to raise construction standards of new build homes.

When you buy from a trusted new homes developer like Campion Homes, you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality home constructed using proper practices. However, the NHBC offers buyers reassurance – they are the largest providers of warranty and insurance for new builds in the UK, working with new home builders, the government and stakeholders to protect you, the homebuyer, from unscrupulous practices. They provide technical support and inspections to help new build developers comply with industry standards and create high quality homes for their customers.


What is Buildmark?

Buildmark is the principal scheme that the NHBC offers – it is a 10-year warranty that covers new build homes and conversions. It was created to guard new home buyers from unexpected issues and unpleasant surprises in the first years of owning their new build.

The scheme is a joint agreement between the NHBC and your house builder to provide warranty and insurance on newly built homes and conversions. It currently protects a massive 1.5 million homes in the UK.

Buildmark consists of:

  • A 2-year builder warranty period during which developers agree to repair any defects in the home’s construction, beyond normal wear and tear.
  • An 8-year insurance period which covers damage to a home caused by a developer’s failure to build to NHBC Technical Requirements.
  • It also covers your initial deposit before legal completion has gone through, for additional protection.


What are the benefits of the NHBC Buildmark?

We know that buying a home requires a great deal of trust and the knowledge that your new home has Buildmark warranty can help to relieve any concerns. The security that it gives you is invaluable when making such an important decision.

Buildmark is easy to claim and is decided independently from any house builder. The NHBC has its own experienced inspectors to look into claims, meaning you are in safe and impartial hands.

To further support you, Buildmark insurance uses a minimum claim value, instead of an excess. This means that if your claim is accepted, you do not have to make any contribution towards the repairs.


Who qualifies for the NHBC Buildmark warranty?

Every new build property with Campion Homes is sold with the NHBC Buildmark warranty, as part of our commitment to building quality into our homes. 


Are you looking for a new home in Fife? All of our developments are protected by the NHBC’s Buildmark. Take a look at our available homes and talk to a member of our team if you have any questions.