New housing developments represent a fantastic option whether you are a first-time buyer, have a growing family or are simply looking for a new place to call home.

New build homes come with the benefits of lower running costs and warranties, as well as the option of selecting your own fixtures and fittings from the range offered. The experts at Campion Homes have created this handy guide on what to look out for when purchasing a home in a new housing development.

Quality developers

It is essential that you select a company with a sound reputation, otherwise you risk ending up with a home that does not look like the one you were promised at the start of the build.

Do your own research to discover the best rated new housing developers – the House Builders Federation’s annual customer satisfaction survey is a great place to start, and local estate agents can give you advice too.

Never rely solely on the developer’s promotional material; instead, visit the site yourself to get a feel for the quality of home you are buying. If you are buying ‘off-plan’ before the building has been completed, make sure you know where your plot will be to make sure you are happy with the location.

Above all, ask as many questions as you can think of about the new housing development. You need to know exactly what it is you will be getting, so think of all the little extras that may not come as standard, such as an outdoor tap or built-in wardrobes. As with older builds, considering the local facilities is also beneficial, such as nearby shops or where the closest bus stop is located.

Get that guarantee

Properties in new housing developments usually come with warranties, such as the National House Building Council’s Buildmark 10-year warranty.  These provide insurance protection for your deposit in the case of your developer becoming insolvent or committing fraud – the peace of mind they provide is priceless.

Although not absolutely compulsory, warranties are in essence obligatory for new homes purchased with a mortgage as lenders will not provide finance without it. Under no circumstances proceed with the sale if your new housing developer does not offer a recognised guarantee scheme. Always ensure that you cross-check it independently with the warranty supplier to fully understand what it covers you for. Their associated websites are very helpful resources.

The NHBC provides the Buildmark 10-year warranty for Campion Homes , alongside their additional 2-year warranty from the date of move in so you can be sure you are totally covered.

Finalising your purchase

Now that you have decided upon buying a home within your new housing development, it is time to finalise the legal and financial details of your purchase.

It is vital that you carry out a New Home Demonstration of your new build home to gain an understanding of how everything works and is operated. This is a really exciting appointment as this will be the first time you see your new home completed – helpful hints and tips about running your home will leave you well equipped to manage your home effectively and efficiently.

You will also need to appoint a conveyancer to manage the legalities of your purchase. They will deal with the complete process and handle the transfer of your funds.

Once you have found sound legal advice and finalised your purchase, you can finally get ready to enjoy your amazing new home. Now comes the fun part – choosing all the décor and transforming it from a house into a home.

Campion Homes build exceptional properties on thoughtfully designed developments in Fife and are committed to making the buying process as hassle-free as possible.

If you are looking for your dream home, start your search here with Campion. Learn more about our developments or contact us today.