New home buyers often have many questions when it comes to buying a new build home. If you are a new home buyer, then these are some of the things you should know before purchasing your new home.


  1. Guarantees

Most new build properties come with guarantees, which can be very reassuring for new home buyers. Most home builders provide a 2 year warranty as standard, as well as the NHBC 10-year warranty which covers the structural integrity of your new home. At Campion Homes, we provide an additional 2-year warranty from the date of your move in.

Many of your appliances will also come with standard manufacturer’s guarantees and warranties – be sure to check these with your home builder before you commit to your move.


  1. Incentives

Some home builders offer incentives to make your move easier and more affordable. If you are buying in Scotland, some homes are eligible to be purchased under the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme, making it easier for people struggling to save for a deposit to own their own home.

Additionally, some new home providers might be able to offer you unique incentives. For example, at Campion Homes we offer an assisted move package for selected new homes, where we help new home buyers to sell their property.

Although we are transparent about our available incentives, some new homes developers might not advertise their special offers, so it is always worth asking.


  1. Mortgage advice

Speaking to a mortgage advisor is highly recommended when buying a new build home. Mortgage advisors can provide expert advice, ensure your mortgage offer is valid and can help you to find the most suitable and affordable mortgage by sourcing the best deal currently available for you.


  1. Energy efficiency

New build homes tend to be more energy efficient than older homes due to requirements that are specified in government building regulations. As a result, new home buyers can expect lower energy bills.


  1. Maintenance

One of the biggest upsides to buying new is exactly that – the property is brand new, meaning it will be in top condition. Since you will not have to attend to maintenance issues like draughts, damp or wood worm, you will have more time to pursue the things that you enjoy. You also get a blank canvas to put your stamp on, so you will not have to spend time removing or updating someone else’s décor.

New home buyers have a lot to consider. It is natural that you will have many questions to ask, and if there is anything you are unsure about, a good new homes developer should be able to provide you with answers.

If you are looking to purchase a new build home in Fife, learn more about our spacious and comfortable new homes. If you have a question or would like to arrange a visit, get in touch with our team today.