One of the greatest gifts of buying a new build property is having a blank canvas to design a home around your lifestyle and personality. However, too much choice is overwhelming, particularly when dealing with decisions about numerous rooms in need of design direction. In this blog, we hope to inspire some interior design ideas that will help you to personalise your new home, so that you can create a space that best reflects you and your family.

From customised kitchens, to lighting your space, through to choosing the perfect colour palette, the possibilities are endless with new home design - read on for some new build interior design ideas.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and where you will be spending a large part of your time, so it is important that your kitchen design is practical as well as beautiful.

Appliances and accents

The biggest decision will be around the overall style of your kitchen, whether that is country casual or sleek and modern. You will need to then choose your worktops, cupboard doors and flooring to match the look that is right for you.

By integrating your appliances and covering them with doors and detailing that fit into the overall design concept, your otherwise unsightly white goods will blend in. This will also save on space and add a touch of personal style.

Polished brass handles can provide a subtle luxurious accent to cupboard doors, while natural wood kitchen fronts introduce warmth and calm. Consider design touches like a composite worktop made from recycled materials to make a statement and become a talking point in the room.

A sociable space

All the important conversations take place at the dining table - it is where a family gathers and grows over the years. The dining table is the key feature here and so must be functional, welcoming, comfortable and spacious. It must be complemented by the right dining chairs that not only look great but are designed to last, so it is worth investing in quality. There are so many great options on the market like this timeless oak Clio Chair from John Lewis or cult favourite, the Masters Chair by Phillipe Starck for Kartell from Heal’s.

A breakfast bar or island unit is a great way to introduce a fun and sociable element into a kitchen space and is a casual gathering place to eat at and socialise around. It also provides an extra surface space for finishing design touches like stylish fruit bowls and flower vases.


Lighting brings any room to life and as the most multi-functional space in the home, good kitchen lighting is key. Warm, soft lighting is perfect for relaxed evening mealtimes while bright and fresh lighting is uplifting at the start of the day. Dimmable lighting is a savvy way to switch up the lighting in your home, while floor level spotlights and undercabinet LEDs will elevate your kitchen design by putting a spotlight on the details that you want to show off.

Smart bulbs allow you to change your lighting to suit any mood or occasion. The Philips Hue Bulb can be controlled through an app on your phone, or even through your Amazon Alexa or Google Home, so you can easily switch things up when you fancy.


Beyond function and practicality, bathrooms provide a space where you can escape and completely relax, so they should also be stylish. Here are some new build interior design ideas for bathrooms.


Great bathroom brassware, such as taps, handles and hinges, can determine the feel of a room and add a designer touch to a design scheme. For example, brass fixtures can add a lovely warm tone and retro feel to a bathroom, while chrome fixtures lend themselves to a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Baths and showers

Two of the most important bathroom elements are your bathtub or shower choices. A  freestanding bath adds an element of surprise and luxury in a new build home - you can find great new replicas on the high street as well as seeking out originals from reclamation yards or antiques shops.

From seamless walk-in designs to traditional bath and shower combinations, the options are endless. One of our favourites is a waterfall-style shower head, which provides a satisfying cascade of water and a truly luxurious showering experience.


Adding an interesting texture equals a fresher, more modern bathroom space. Concrete can bring about a contemporary, clean aesthetic, whilst wooden features add a homely, rustic feel.

These materials can also be introduced in a shower base, for example. For an added touch of extravagance, you could consider introducing some marble elements. Leafy plants like bamboo, aloe vera and orchids thrive in bathrooms and keep the space bright and cheery to add another natural dimension to the bathroom design.

Living spaces

Any new build interior design ideas for living spaces should be all about comfort, allowing you to fully relax and de-stress at any time of day.

All in the details

No living space is complete without some personal touches. Line your shelves with decorative bits and pieces you have picked up over the years or fill a stylish vase with your favourite fresh flowers. Framed photos of friends and family will also lend a warm and inviting feel and let you put your personal stamp on your new home.

For added originality, get crafty – a homemade collage or a simple handmade embroidery adds a homely feeling that no shop-bought item could match.

Make the most of your space

In new build homes, space is often plentiful. First time homeowners are often tempted to stick to a minimalist theme and preserve the clean lines of the space, but this does not have to be the case.

New build homes actually lend themselves well to a maximalist approach when it comes to décor, so do not be tempted to hold back – you can add drama and interest through a patterned wallpaper, bold accent furniture pieces or an eye-catching patterned lampshade to further personalise the space and add warmth and depth.


Colours have the ability to transform a room and influence your mood, so be sure to pick a palette suited to the space and to your personality. If you are in need of some inspiration, take a look at Pantone’s Colour of the Year, which for 2019 was Living Coral, a vibrant coral hue that lends energy and life to a room.

Choose a colour palette for each room and go from there - you could even base it around a feature like your favourite artwork. Sticking with the colour theme across furnishings and room accessories will help to bring a room together and unite your interior design, and you can always add interest by peppering in a contrasting colour.

Feature walls are a go-to for many new build homeowners to create an exciting design element, however a clever blend of neutrals and off-whites can create more depth in a space than bright colours. These differing tones will change as the lighting shifts throughout the day, so it’s important to patch test them at different times of day before you start painting.

At Campion Homes, we offer so many new build interior design ideas through our Choices Suite. With a selection of no extra cost options and a vast range of competitively priced extras and upgrades, these are the personal touches that can transform a house into a home.

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