When you are thinking about buying a new build home, the property developer will often have a number of new build incentives available. These incentives are designed to make buying a new home even more attractive  and can be either financial incentives or ways to help make the moving process easier for the buyer.

Campion Homes is very open about the incentives we have available, however other developers might not be so forthcoming. With this in mind, here are some useful tips on what to ask when you are considering buying a new home.

Assisted Move

Assisted Move is a scheme where your new build developer will help you to sell your existing home.

For many people, the delay between finding the house of their dreams and selling their current home can be frustrating, as delays risk jeopardising their purchase. Assisted Move incentives can help to relieve this pressure.

Assisted Move incentives differ from developer to developer, but generally, they involve supporting the sale of your current home. At Campion Homes, we have an Assisted Move Package available for selected plots at our Law View development, and we will:

  • Arrange an independent valuation of your current property
  • Appoint an estate agent to market your property
  • Appoint a surveyor to carry out a home report
  • Pay for marketing, estate agent and home report fees

Consider speaking to your developer about what new build incentives such as Assisted Move entail and find out what is covered before signing up.

Help to buy schemes

The government Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme has been extended until at least 2021. Under the scheme, the Scottish Government will fund up to 15% of the purchase price as an interest-free loan, making it easier to buy a home rather than rent.

Taking the initial burden off purchasing a home can be a great option for new build buyers and can make a big difference. Selected plots at Campion Homes are eligible for the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme. If you would like to know more about the Help to Buy scheme, take a look at this helpful blog.

Not every new home developer qualifies for selling properties through the help to buy scheme, so ask your developer whether they carry this incentive.

There are many incentives available through individual developers, and this list is not exhaustive. We recommend asking your developer what new build incentives they have available.

Would you like to discuss our available incentives, or have you spotted a property that has piqued your interest? Get in touch with our helpful team today.