New build homes are fantastic options for families looking for a comfortable space to live and grow in. Families are increasingly looking for properties that offer safety, a sense of community, and plenty of space.

There are so many benefits for families who choose to buy a new build home, some of which you may not even be aware of. Campion Homes has compiled a list of the reasons that new build homes are so great for families. Read on to discover more…

A safe space  

A survey by Virgin Money revealed that 83% of people placed personal and household safety as their number one priority when buying a house. This is unsurprising, especially when you take parents with young children into consideration.

New build homes offer higher safety standards than older homes as they comply with the most up-to-date legislation. For example, fire safety standards are much higher than those of older homes. Everything is also brand-new, reducing the risk of problems arising from older, outdated appliances.


Privacy is also a key benefit of new build homes. Your new build home offers a space that is entirely your own, providing a private space for you to carry out family life. Most of our properties are detached houses, for that added level of privacy.

A community feel

New build homes offer a unique opportunity to move into a neighbourhood that fosters a sense of community from like-minded buyers. Since you and your neighbours are all the first owners and occupants of your properties, you immediately have some common ground.

Whether a young family or a couple, you and your neighbours will share a mutual desire for that community experience in your new homes. New build homes are popular with young families, meaning that it is more than likely that your little ones will have some friends to play with as they grow up.

Room to grow

One of the main advantages of a new build home is that its layout has been thoughtfully designed for modern living, with none of the strange extensions or modifications you can often find in older homes.

Most new build homes today focus on a well-designed floor plan that aims to bring the family together in communal spaces. This focus on open-plan spaces - that can be just as easily sectioned to give each part of the home its own feel and function - brings people together yet ensures that everyone can have their own space if need be.

Of course, outdoor space is also important for a happy family. Spending time outdoors is beneficial for physical and mental wellbeing, especially for children. New build homes have well-designed gardens for safe play and relaxation alike.

New build homes are perfect for families looking to buy a home in which they can live and grow happily. Campion Homes provide some amazing properties that are ideal for family living -  we can help you find the one that is right for you.

If you are looking to find the perfect home for your family, get in touch with our friendly team today. You can also view our most recent developments for examples of our beautiful homes.