Your home plays a big role in how you live in retirement – its location, its condition and its setting can all have an impact on what you do day-to-day. That is why many retirees look to new build developments when searching for the perfect home.

Retirement is all about enjoying life the way you want to – whether that is by pursuing your favourite hobbies, spending more time with friends and family, or simply not being confined to anyone’s schedule but your own. In short, it is about living life to the full, the way you want to.

For many people in retirement, new build developments are ideal places to call home. Here is why:

Quality and guarantees

New build developments are often popular with retirees because of their quality. Many of us know all too well the daunting prospect of costly household repairs. Although older homes certainly have their charm, their upkeep can be expensive and time consuming.

When you buy new, you know that everything in your home is brand new – from boilers to  roofs  and everything in between. New homes also come with warranties, such as the National House Building Council’s Buildmark  warranty,  which is standard with all Campion Homes properties.

Built to last, Campion Homes  also come with a 2-year warranty from the date of move-in for peace of mind.

Interior design

Retirement is a fresh start – a chance to live by your own rules – and that extends to your home too. In new  home developments, everything is brand new, so you gain a blank canvas which you can put your stamp on.

You will not be restricted by the design choices of past residents, which can often be costly to put right. Instead, you get to decide on everything, and have your interiors exactly the way that you want them to be.

For those looking for inspiration  with fixtures and fittings, Campion Homes offer their Choices Suite, a range of beautiful homeware products selected for quality, durability and style. We have recently expanded our selection so that we have even more choices for every room in your home.

In retirement, you should not have to compromise – new build developments mean that you can have the home of your dreams, the way that you want it to be.

Location and transport

Often, new build developments are built in well-located areas – whether that is close to convenient local transport or in attractive settings. This is especially important in retirement, where you will be able to spend a lot more time at home and in the surrounding area.

Consider what is important for you in retirement – a peaceful location, for example? What about excellent public transport links to easily hop into town or visit friends and family or to fly away to warmer winter climes?

Maybe, like many of our current residents, you are looking for a bit of both. That is why we have chosen to build in well-located locations like Bryony Meadow and Law View – close by to both town and the countryside, and with fantastic links to nearby cities, train stations, bus stops and motorways.

Sociable spaces

Often, those in retirement or nearing retirement are looking for that ideal balance between privacy and sociability, and that is why they find that new build developments are right for them.

New build developments are usually designed to be sociable - they have that safe, community feeling. Additionally, as all of the residents tend to be new to the area, they are more inclined to get to know their neighbours.

At Campion Homes, we also offer detached housing, offering privacy and quiet – meaning that you can have the best of both worlds.

These are just some of the reasons that new build developments are ideal for retirees. The best way to see if living in a new home is right for you is to come and see one for yourself!

Campion Homes build exceptional properties on thoughtfully designed developments in Fife and are committed to making the buying process as hassle-free as possible.

Why not visit our Bryony Meadow detached bungalows or our 3-6 bed detached homes at our Law View development? Simply contact us to arrange a visit!