Thinking of moving to Scotland? Great choice! Scotland is a beautiful part of the world, and there are many benefits to living here. From the country’s beautiful landscape, its vibrant town and cities to its culture and people, moving to Scotland is a wonderful option for many people.

However, moving anywhere new can be a little overwhelming - every country has different systems and quirks to be aware of before you move. To make moving to Scotland a little easier for you, we have compiled some information about living here that you might find useful.


The Scottish education system is slightly different to other parts of the UK. Schools go back slightly earlier after summer holidays - usually around mid-August - so make sure you book your summer holidays early!

In addition, there are some other aspects of the Scottish system that are slightly different to the rest of the UK. Instead of GCSEs, students sit their National 4 and 5 qualifications.

Additionally, at aged 17-18, students can sit their Highers, and can choose to stay on to sit Advanced Highers, which are slightly more advanced than A-levels.

When it comes to universities, there are many world-class institutions in Scotland. Generally, residents who have lived in Scotland for three years or more can benefit from free university tuition if they choose to study in Scotland.

Choosing the right location

Scotland offers some fantastic places to live. Like most countries, living closer to larger towns and cities increases house prices, both in the rented and private housing sectors.

Choosing the right location is very important. If you are moving to Scotland to benefit from beautiful countryside walks or nature, then living somewhere more rural may be of benefit to you. However, city-dwellers might choose to live in more urban spaces like Edinburgh, Glasgow or Dundee, or commuter towns like Dunfermline.   

People living in Fife, which is just North of Edinburgh and North-East of Glasgow, often cite its combination of towns, countryside and coast, as well as its easy commute to larger cities as key reasons for choosing to live here. If you’re considering Fife as an option when moving to Scotland, then you can learn more about living in Fife here or lean more about new homes in Fife.

Buying a house in Scotland

Buying a house in Scotland is slightly different to buying in other parts of the UK. There are further differences between buying an old home and a new home in Scotland. To explain the process, we have written a guide to buying a house in Scotland which you may find useful.

Scotland also offers the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme, which can support some people to purchase a home by providing them with an interest-free loan. This is particularly useful for those who are able to make monthly mortgage payments but are finding it a challenge to save up for a house deposit. Find out more about Help to Buy (Scotland).

Some new home developers can offer you additional benefits to make the home buying process a little easier. For example, at Campion Homes, we offer an assisted move service when you reserve certain homes – we help you to sell your current home and even cover your estate agent and home report fees.

here are so many perks to moving to Scotland, so if you are thinking about moving here, we say, go for it!

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