Moving house is frequently named one of life’s most stressful events, but with the right planning you can make it as stress-free as possible. To make it easier, we have put together this moving house checklist to help you get through it. 

The bulk of the tasks that need to happen are in the three months leading up to the move -  read our blog to guide you through the final countdown to settling into your new home... 
Twelve weeks to go 
This is the ideal time to agree on your move-in date with your agent or the occupiers of your new home. If you are buying a new build, keep in continual communication with your Sales Advisor as the entry date will not be able to be confirmed until the property has been passed by the Local Authority and the NHBC.  

You’ll also need to check your notice period and give notice to your landlord if you are renting, so that there are no tricky overlaps when moving. 
With your dates set, we recommend getting more admin out of the way. Start to notify your utility and internet providers and decide whether you are going to stay with them and switch addresses, or research new providers. Money Supermarket is helpful for comparing costs. 
It is also a good time to book time off for the move and to start keeping any empty boxes for packing. Have a sweep of your home to see what belongings you can give to friends, charity or throw out, so that you can start clearing some space for packing. 

Eight weeks to go 

Book in your removal service early so that you can ensure you’re getting the best quotes. Be sure to purchase moving insurance so that you are covered if anything gets broken during the move too. 
You can also transfer your home and contents insurance at this point or shop around for insurance for your new place. 
Check whether your workplace will contact HMRCto change your address. It’s also a good time to start contacting your bank, dentist, doctors, TV licensing and anywhere else that will need your change of address. 
If you have cleared some room to start packing then get cracking! Remember to label your boxes according to the room they’ll occupy in your new home, wrap up anything delicate and mark boxes containing anything fragile. 

Four weeks to go  
Check out the parking availability at your new place so that the removals van can unload easily. Plan to arrive early to check the spaces or contact your council to reserve space for moving. 
Do you have any packages on the way? If so, arrange a redirect with the Royal Mail so that you get your delivery at your new home. 
Continue with your packing and start to clear or clean outdoor areas like the garden, shed or garage. 
Moving is also a stressful time for pets, so you might want to arrange for a friend or family member to take them for a few days whilst you get the bulk of the loading and unpacking out of the way. 


Seven days to go 

With one week to go, it is the final countdown before the big move so try to stay organised and on track! Check in with your removals company and confirm the date, time, address and let them know about parking for unloading.  
Start to take down any pictures and shelving on the walls and dismantle any furniture that you can. If there are any holes or scrapes on the walls, touch these up with some filler and paint. 
Clear out your freezer and keep any perishable goods and laundry to a minimum during this week – this means less to clear out and clean last minute! A good tip is to pack a suitcase of clothes you’ll need for the next few days. 
Write a list or start making a box of essentials for your first few nights in your new home so that you don’t have to rummage through packed boxes to find plates and bedding. 

Moving day! 

Confirm when and where you will collect the keys for your new home and also hand over the keys to your current place. 
Dispose of any food or personal items that you will not be taking with you and give your property a thorough final clean. Unplug any appliances that are coming with you, like the dishwasher, washing machine, cooker etc. 
Take final meter readings so that you can notify your provider and take a first reading at your new place (if you are buying a new build this will all be taken care of for you) so that you don’t get overcharged. 
It is an idea to take pictures of your empty property and test that the taps are working, there are no drain blockages, doors and windows work and are closed shut, so that there are no disputes with new tenants or buyers.  


With the property left as you’d like to find it, the last thing to do is to leave a little card and small gift for your new owners or even your friendly landlord. Moving karma is always a good idea! 
If moving into a new Campion home, we will take great pride in walking you through and demonstrating how everything works on move-in day, and our support does not end there – we are on hand to help you during your settling in period. 



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