We look at our homes in an entirely different way compared to one year ago and the home interior trends for the 2021 Autumn/Winter season reflect this. We now appreciate pleasant surroundings more than ever, and with many of us continuing to work from home, there is an emphasis on comfort, sustainability and wellbeing in our interior spaces.

The Campion Homes team have put this blog together to inform you of the top interior design trends that you need to know for the remainder of 2021 and heading into 2022…  

1. Multi-functional spaces

The rise in ‘working from home’ due to the pandemic cemented a trend that is here to stay. Living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms now incorporate office set ups that call for clever room dividers. Have a look at partition screens, slatted wood dividers and integrated bookcases as inspiration for your home.

2. Natural materials

Along with the rise in ‘slow furniture’ that will last a lifetime, natural materials are making their mark on homes due to the fact that they age beautifully in response to the environment that they are in. Think rattan, wool, linen and light timber. This Jute Pouffe from Dunelm ticks the boxes for us.

3. Modern meets rustic

This trend is about combining sleek, minimalist, modern design with natural textures and hues. Try it out for yourself by focusing on accessories – mix geometric metallic ornaments and fixtures with cork place mats, bamboo lampshades and woollen blankets.

4. Shades of green

After a lot of time spent appreciating the outdoors over the past year, green is making a serious appearance in homes during Autumn/Winter 2021. Try shades of grass and olive to bring the outdoors indoors and add a sense of wellbeing to your home. Have a look at the beautiful images in this blog for some green interior inspiration.

5. Eco-friendly design

Up-cycling, repairs and customising home accessories continues to replace buying new this year. Not only does this trend encourage us to look at the potential in our old and loved goods, it promotes low-waste living and reduces the use of plastic in the home. Read our blog on how to upcycle here. 

6. Sculptural shapes

Looking at homeware ranges for Autumn/Winter 2021, we are seeing more consideration of shape in the structure of furniture pieces, from mirrors to shelving. It’s an art deco meets modern design feel that encourages your eye to linger for a little bit longer. This candlestick from Next is a great start to your sculptural collection.

7. Warm colour tones

As much as we love cool grey walls and whitewashed worktops, 2021 continues to be about harnessing a warm and friendly feel in our homes. Try layering fleshy toned furnishings against taupe and ochre walls. 

Whatever trend you choose to incorporate into your home, the key is to have a solid blank canvas to work with. The beauty of a new build Campion Home is that you have the perfect backdrop ready-made for you, so that you can spend your money on all of the finishing touches rather than refurbishments.

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