Interior design trends 2019

It is a brand-new year and an ideal time to start upgrading your home’s  interior but what if – shock horror – your decorating endeavours are not on trend?

Campion Homes has got you covered with some of the very best in new interior design trends for 2019. Will any of them make their way into your homes this year? Take a look…

Storage to spark joy

Have you watched Marie Kondo’s incredible Netflix series, Tidying Up? If not, you should!  It is all about reducing clutter in your home so that you can truly appreciate the possessions in your life that bring you the most joy.

This lifestyle change is set to take the world by storm. Marie Kondo is very specific about how to store objects – clothing items should be stacked horizontally, whilst kimono – miscellaneous items such as kitchenware and electronics – should be neatly tucked away in well-organised cupboards, shelving and boxes. That means great storage is a must!

We predict a rise in deep in-built wardrobes, spacious kitchen cabinets and sectioned storage that will leave your possessions feeling pleased as punch.

Bryony Meadow Kitchen

Soft and neutral colours to soothe the soul

A lot of us are simply fed up of the minimalist trends. Zero-decorations and empty-feeling rooms are SO last year, but that does not mean that we have to go overboard with overpowering colours.

Keeping your colour palette delicate and gentle will bring a sense of serenity and calm to your household. We particularly recommend this softer look in the bedroom and bathroom areas, which are of course the spaces used most often to relax and unwind.

For an added touch of tranquillity, introduce diffused lighting to make for an even more peaceful effect.

Bryony Meadow Bedroom


We are fondly welcoming florals back from banishment after their overuse in the early 2010s. 2019 will see a rise in nature-inspired décor and topping the list is the familiar floral print.

Expect to see florals of all descriptions making their way onto just about everything this year – wallpapers, soft furnishings, fabrics - as we look for more ways to bring the beauty and happiness of the natural world into our lives.

A word of warning – try not to overdo it! Too much floral and your home may feel more like a jungle.

Bryony Meadow Bedroom

Textured spaces

The textured trend is not going anywhere in 2019. Consider bringing in a variety of textures like wools, jutes, brushed cottons and linens in order to create aesthetic depth and layers rather than a monotonous space.

To achieve this look, introduce a range of different fabric and furnishing styles – opt for a mixture of coarse and soft materials to strike a fine balance.

Law View Living Room

2018 was a year full of uncertainty, and that is one thing that we can expected to remain consistent in 2019. With the news agenda making us all a little weary, we can expect there to be a greater focus on warm, welcoming and comforting environments.

This will be particularly true of communal areas, such as family or living rooms and open-plan kitchens. For modern houses, look out for a greater focus on room sectioning in order to give each part of the home its own comfortable function – a kitchen island with seating for a sociable feel, plenty of soft carpeting and seating in the living room for relaxation – it is all about making your home somewhere that gives you a hug as soon as you walk through the door.

Bryony Meadow Living Room

As always, our best recommendation is simply to go with whatever you like best – it is you who will live with it after all, not anyone else! These are just some ideas to inspire you – adapt as you see fit!

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