It can be difficult to know if you are making good house buying decisions when looking for a new home. 

There are so many things to consider when buying a home – in this blog, we offer our insight into the considerations you should be making when on the hunt for your dream home. 


Identify your ‘must haves’ 


When looking for your next home, it helps to have a clear list of ‘must haves’ in mind to help inform your decision.  

For example, if you have a family this might mean ample outdoor space for children to play in and a great location for schools. Local amenities and facilities, from shops to sports centres, are also important, while those working from home would need a dedicated office space. 

By making an exhaustive list of your must-haves, this helps you streamline the process and ensures you only consider homes that would truly suit your needs. 


New versus old homes 


There are many benefits that come with purchasing a new home compared to opting for an older home.  

New homes are designed with your every comfort in mind – from airy, light-filled rooms to modern gadgets such as alarms and smart heating systems, they have everything a modern household will need. 

The National House Building Council (NHBC) also offers a warranty, which covers the structural integrity of new build homes for 10 years. In addition, Campion Homes also provide a 2-year warranty from date of move-in, and many appliances come with standard manufacturer’s guarantees.  

Since new build homes are designed efficiently, they generally require much less maintenance and fewer repairs than older homes. Likewise, new homes are more energy-efficient, meaning you save money on bills every month. 


Opportunities to make it your own 


With an older home, in many cases you are stuck with the previous owners’ design choices, and you have to spend a lot of time and effort making it your own.  

With a new build home, you have much more freedom to make it completely your own. You are the first owner, so have a blank canvas to do exactly what you like with! For example, in our Choices Suite we offer an array of standard no cost options, as well as upgrading elements of your home in line with your budget. 


Support with purchasing  


Alongside all of these fantastic benefits, there are also financial incentives to help with the purchase of a new home. The Scottish Government’s First Home Fund could contribute up to £25,000 towards the cost of buying a property through a shared equity scheme. 

Likewise, the Scottish Government’s Help to Buy scheme is open to both first-time buyers and previous homeowners and helps you by helping you with the cost of up to 15% of a new build home.  

Campion Homes also offers Part Exchange on selected plots – this removes the need for you to sell your own property before you can purchase your dream Campion home! To make it even easier for you, we also take care of the marketing and all the associated costs of selling. 



Campion Homes is there to help you every step of the way when buying your new build home. You can view our full range of developments here and you can get in touch with our team if you have any queries.