Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way we all live and work. This ranges from what we look for in a job role to our priorities when looking for a new home – home buyers will now more than ever be reevaluating what it is not only what they need, but also what they want out of a potential new home.  

With working from home set to rise in popularity in coming months and years, buyers will be prioritising their home comforts and an urban location will no longer be a limiting factor for many who can now work remotely.  

Here, we look at what will be important for new home buyers going forward and why a Campion Home might be perfect for you.  


Home working comforts 

Covid-19 has made many businesses realise that working from home is not only possible, but easily achievable and in many cases more convenient for their employees. Gone are the long hours spent commuting, replaced by more time spent at home with loved ones and working on hobbies and new skills.  

Good internet connection is of course vital for home working, where a Wi-Fi connection can make or break the success of your working day. Campion Homes developments come with fibre broadband as standard, ensuring your work will never be restricted by your technology.  

Spending long hours at the same work station can cause strain it is therefore important that you have got the right lighting to help your eyes adjust to screens. Our homes offer bright living spaces that are flooded with natural daylight during the day, and flexible lighting options that ensure your space remains well-lit as the sun goes down.  


Location, location, location 

During lockdown, people became aware of the importance that rural outdoor spaces hold, both for physical and mental health. Access to green spaces is essential for our wellbeing, and where better to access the countryside but from your own doorstep? 

Campion Homes developments feature stunning locations – our Law View [LINK] development overlooks the majestic Largo Law and offers many walking and cycling routes, while our Bryony Meadow homes are nestled near a quaint countryside village. Their locations are scenic, while still offering great access to other towns and cities through nearby road and rail links.  

Fresh air, open spaces and countryside living has never been more appealing – why not take a look at all of our perfectly-located developments here? 


Community is key 

With isolation having been a defining factor of lockdown restrictions, it has made people realise the value of their community. Neighbours across the country have come together to support one another in these tough times, and increasingly new homes buyers will be looking for homes that offer that sense of community spirit.  


Choosing a new build homes development is a sure-fire way to know that you will be surrounded by a community you can lean on in times of need and socialise with in better times. Our developments also offer easy access to nearby towns, cities, road and rail links, ensuring you are never too far away from essential supplies.  


If you’re interested in finding out more, you can view our full range of developments here and you can get in touch with our team if you have any queries.