A recent study revealed that living in particular areas in Scotland, including many parts of Fife, and commuting to work made smaller towns the most affordable places to live in Scotland, compared to living in Scotland’s major cities.

Canny home owners living in parts of Fife and commuting to nearby cities for work stand to save a lot of money compared to their city dwelling counterparts, even taking the cost of daily transport into consideration.

For those searching for affordable places to live in Scotland, Fife is becoming an increasingly attractive choice with its beautiful scenery, great schools and good public transport connections.

Great for families, first time buyers and retirees, here are just some of the reasons why Fife is topping the league table of affordable places to live in Scotland.


Of course, one of the biggest deciding factors in choosing to live outside of the city for many home buyers is the price. If you work in Edinburgh, for example, many parts of Fife, including Kirkcaldy, Leven and Dunfermline, can offer incredible value for money.

And with Edinburgh an hour away, it is easy to see why the short commute is a small price to pay for lots more space and a fabulous home.


Fife is very well connected to major cities in Scotland, including Edinburgh and Dundee. Travel by bus, car or train – it is so simple!

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It is not all about the cost and ease of commute however. Many people choose to live outside of the city because of the surroundings, and many of our customers choose to live in Fife because they love being so close to beaches and green countryside.

Whether it is taking a stroll along the stunning Fife coastal route, visiting the best beaches in Scotland or walking amongst the Lomond hills, those who live outside of the city have much easier access to Scotland’s stunning areas of natural beauty.


Fife is a foodie’s heaven! The abundance of fresh, local produce is something you just do not get in larger cities. With loads of delicious local produce available, including some amazing Scottish seafood, there is always something to enjoy.

From Crail Food Festival which brings together the best of Fife’s produce, to St Andrew’s sea food restaurant, to Balgove Larder and the rest of the hidden gems on Fife’s food scene, there are so many delicious things to sample.

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Fife has been listed as one of the happiest places to live in Scotland. There are many reasons that this is the case – life can be more affordable here,  there are multiple leisure activities available including beautiful walking routes, the best golf courses in Scotland, delicious food options and so much more.

With all these options available to locals, it is no surprise that Fife’s residents are pretty happy with their lot.

If you are looking for affordable places to live in Scotland, Fife might just be perfect for you. Home buyers stand to save more and live better by enjoying the many benefits that Fife has to offer.

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