If you are a new home buyer who has never purchased a new build home before, then you probably have some questions. Although buying a new build home is similar to buying an older home, there are certain factors to be aware of.

Here we will take you through the most popular questions that almost every new home buyer has and why it is important that you know the answers.


1.       What is included in the price as standard?

When purchasing a new build, certain elements of the specification are included as standard (i.e. at no extra cost). It is really important to ask what these items are and what choice is available for each of these items. It is the choice element that will allow you to put your own stamp on your new home.

Before you reserve a new build home you will view the Showhome, which acts as an example of what your new home could look like. Although most Showhomes are built to the same specification as the other homes within the development, they are decorated to give an impression of what a ‘lived-in’ home would look like and may include some upgraded items of specification. At Campion all of our Showhomes list the upgrades, along with the price, so that there are no hidden surprises.

Standard items generally include a fitted kitchen, double glazing, central heating and fencing, to name but a few.


2.       What choices can be made without extra cost?

Some developers might allow you the choice of a few standard interior options without asking you to pay extra. Others will only offer one standard option with any changes considered cost-incurring upgrades.

At Campion Homes we offer a variety of choice on kitchen doors, worktops, handles, wall tiling and more at no extra cost.

As a new home buyer, you should ensure that you enquire about the options available to you so that you can be sure that you will love the end product.


3.       How much do upgrades cost, what can I upgrade to, and when do I need to pick them?

Upgrades can vary in price and can include anything from kitchen appliances and floor tiles to bathroom fittings, depending on the new home builder’s options. Generally these need to be chosen during the early construction stage but deadlines can vary from developer to developer. Upgrade options are generally shown to a new home buyer through a catalogue, online, or in the Sales & Marketing Suite.

At Campion Homes, our upgrades are viewable to buyers at our Choices Suite. We offer many upgrades at an affordable price point so getting your home just right might be less expensive than you think. These need to be selected after reservation and before concluding missives. You will be sent an extensive list of what is available with the prices, for perusal, prior to your choices appointment.


4.       When will my new home be built?

Although you may be itching to move into your new home, if it is currently under construction, then finishing the build and interiors can take time. Generally, developers will have projected timescales for completing a new home which will be shared with a new home buyer prior to purchasing the home. Usually you will not receive an exact date as there are many variables that go into completing a new home.

At Campion Homes, a window for completion will be indicated when you reserve a home with us. When your home will be ready is dependent on when you conclude both missives and choices. After this the timescale will be narrowed down and we will let you know the date we are working towards.


5.       How big will my garden be and what direction will it face?

With a new build you can have the pick of your plot. We create a site plan from an ORA map so you will be aware of the size of the gardens, as well as the direction they face, in advance. Prefer a garden that doesn’t face north? No problem - simply pick another plot.

Developers should also be able to provide you with the dimensions of your garden. Checking this is very important as the size will likely be different to the Showhome and your plot may be a totally different shape.


6.       Do I get any guarantees?

Most developers offer a 2-year warranty as standard, as well as the NHBC 10-year warranty to cover the structural integrity of your new home. Fixtures and fittings from other manufacturers usually come with the manufacturer’s warranty ready for new home buyers to register at time of move in.


7.       Are any incentives available?

Some new build developers will also offer additional incentives to encourage a new home buyer to purchase from them. It may be a discount, help with legal aspects of the move or even additional upgrades. As an example of a new home incentive, see our Assisted Move Package where we help you to sell your home when you purchase at selected plots.

Understanding the right questions to ask your developer can be very helpful for a new home buyer and put you in the best possible position during the home buying process.

Want to know more about our developments, or want to ask us a question about buying a new build home? Get in touch with our helpful team.