Thank you for taking the time to find out about our proposals for the land at Hebridean Gardens, Crieff. This land is currently owned by Stewart Milne Homes following their acquisition of A & L King in 2007. It has been allocated for development since 2001 and benefits from a live (and partially implemented) planning permission.

View across former Site Compound

Campion Homes Limited are negotiating with Stewart Milne Homes to acquire this site from them and wish to bring it forward for a development of new family homes in 2022. To achieve that, a new planning permission is required to be sought and, given the site is greater than 2ha and we hope to develop more than 50 homes, formal pre-application consultation is required to be undertaken.

Due to the need to respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic, alternative arrangements to traditional consultation methods are required. This webpage, along with some brief information posted at the site and an online consultation event to be hosted in July, form the basis of an initial consultation event. A follow-up online event and updates to this web page will be undertaken in August / September and these will reflect on comments received during the initial consultation stage.

If you have any queries, regarding this project or about Campion Homes Limited, please get in touch at crieffconsultation@campionhomes.com. Also use this email address to register for the online event to be held on 29 July 2021 (1830 to 2000).

The Proposed Site

The site boundaries are defined by Hebridean Gardens to the west, Skye Crescent to the south, Alligan Burn to the east and Maxton Road / Reid Place to the north.

It extends to a total of 3.9 hectares / 9.6 acres. There are various stockpiles of soil within the site that have been placed there during the construction of previous phases of the wider site. The former site compound is also still present within the site.

View north west across the site from adjacent to Skye Crescent

There are 2 defined vehicular access points into the site, one from Reid Place and a second from Hebridean Gardens. Further pedestrian access routes are possible to Skye Crescent and Hebridean Gardens.

There are a number of self-seeded trees within the site, which will be surveyed and a preliminary ecological assessment of the site will also be undertaken.

The Planning Context

This site was originally allocated in the Strathearn Area Local Plan in 2001 as part of a wider development at Kincardine Road. Various phases of development were progressed by A & L King, and subsequently Stewart Milne Homes, but this last phase was never completed.

Proposals Map for Crieff from 2001 Strathearn Area Local Plan

A planning permission was secured in 2007 for this site and the development at Craig Rossie View for a total of 117 homes. The Craig Rossie View development delivered 29 affordable homes for Hillcrest Housing Association. A further planning application for 4 homes for the site between numbers 6 and 16 Hebridean Gardens was granted in 2015.

Most Recent Stewart Milnes Homes Layout (2015)

Campion Homes’ Approach

At this time, no firm proposals have been prepared for the site by Campion Homes and we are continuing to collate survey information to assist us in our design process. The starting point for our approach will be:

  • Using the previously identified vehicular access points on Reid Place and Hebridean Gardens
  • Connecting into pedestrian access points on Skye Crescent and Hebridean Gardens
  • Extending the public open space and footpath network along the east side of the side adjacent to the Alligan Burn to connect into the Kincardine Walk core footpath at the north end of the site.
  • Delivering a play area to serve the whole of the Kincardine Road site.
  • Building up to 90 family homes ranging from 3 bed terrace / semi-detached homes to 5 bed detached homes.

Our initial thoughts for the site are:

Campion Homes’ Capacity Test Layout

These will evolve as technical information becomes available and we have received feedback from consultants.

Campion Homes Limited

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