Yes, our sales advisor will make arrangements for you to chat with our appointed IFA who specialises in obtaining mortgages for our clients and has access to products not always available on the high street.
    Our reservation process is very straightforward. You sign the reservation form completed by our sales advisor after agreeing on the house type and plot you wish to reserve. You pay a reservation fee of £500 and advise us of your Solicitors details to enable us to send out the appropriate misssives.
    28 days. Should you decide that you do not wish to proceed with the purchase we will return £250 of the reservation fee to you.
    This is when your chosen lender will have the property valued for mortgage purposes only. It is worth noting that the value the lender puts on the property is a value for loan purposes only and may not be a reflection of the open market value and may not take into consideration the cost/value of any extras added to the property.
    To be eligible for part exchange there usually has to be a differential of approx 30% between your exisiting home and the Campion home you are interested in purchasing, with the new home being the higher of the two values.
    Your new home is covered by the NHBC 10 year scheme for the structural integrity of your new home. In addition to this there is a 2 year manufacturer's warranty and this covers the central heating, boiler, kitchen and bathroom appliances.
    Condensation is common in new and newly converted homes while construction material dry out. You will find a selection of handy tips in your NHBC Home User Guide (HUG) which will be issued to you.
    If the emergency occurs during office hours (for example loss of heating) you would make contact with our Customer Care department at Head Office. Should it occur outwith working hours you should refer to the emergency numbers list contained within your HUG.
    The walls in your new home will have been painted with emulsion paint. It is advised that further coats of paint or wallpaper should only be added when the walls have dried out – usually after 9 to 12 months. Please note that we are unable to attend to any issues concerning decoration or finishes that arise within the initial 2 year period in rooms painted/wallpapered by the homeowner.

Attention to Detail

The attention to detail is second to none and our experience from start to finish was 100% positive.

We are enjoying our new Campion Home. This is without a doubt our best and most appreciated home.

Mr & Mrs MacKinnon