Living in Scotland - Breathtaking sights along the Fife coastal path

If you are living in Scotland or have paid our beautiful country a visit, you may be familiar with the famous Fife coastal path which offers some of the most breathtaking views in Scotland. Fife’s stunning scenery and gorgeous landscape make it a favourite hiking route for locals and visitors alike.

Although the route itself stretches for 117 miles, the path is divided into stages, so visitors can choose their distance and take things at their own pace. Recently, broadcaster Sandi Toksvig walked the whole of the Fife coastal path with her partner and friends to raise money for charity. On their route, they met up with comedian Phil Jupitus, who lives in Fife.


Phil Jupitus with Sandi Toksvig

British comedians are not the only thing to see on the path however. Astonishing sights await you on the Fife Costal Path with something interesting to see at every turn.  Nature, historic sites, beaches and wildlife await walkers, who will not be able to deny the coastal path’s natural beauty.

Find out what you can see and do along the incredible Fife coastal path, just one of the many things that makes living in Scotland so wonderful…


Much of Fife’s coastal path is rugged and wild, making it an ideal habitat for some fascinating flora and fauna. Different kinds of Scottish wildflower line the route, as well as several types of interesting insects and pretty butterflies..

On your route, look out for a variety of seabirds, like gannets, guillemots, cormorants, eiders and shags. Keep an eye out for seals, porpoises and bottle-nosed dolphins. The beady-eyed may even spot the occasional Minke whale!

Fishing villages

There are several villages dotted along the coastline which make for ideal resting spots to break up your journey. These villages are very pretty places to spend a few hours, where you can enjoy the relaxed pace of life and soak up some of the local history.

Notable fishing villages on the East Neuk of Fife include Crail, which hosts the mouth-watering Crail Food Festival in June, and Anstruther, home of arguably the best Fish and Chips in Scotland. Living in Scotland, quality sea food is something you will soon get used to!


Nothing beats a good beach, does it? Fife is home to some of the best beaches in Scotland, making a walk across Fife’s coastal path a true delight.

The path crosses many different beaches. Some of our favourites include Leven beach, which is perfect for families who want a good run around and a play, and Elie Ruby Bay, recent winner of a Keep Scotland Beautiful 2018 Beach Award.

Natural history

Fife’s ancient coastline houses many natural relics. Buddo rock is a giant sandstone stack, standing at 800 meters tall.

For budding palaeontologists or even the casual Jurassic Park enthusiast, the Fife coastal path will spark some excitement – fossilised insects, trees and rocks dating back to the Carboniferous period can be found across the coast. Head down to Crail beach to see the fossilised trackways of a giant centipede, or to Kingsbarns to see the roots of a tree that grew in Fife 335 million years ago.

Are you interested in living in Scotland and exploring what the beautiful country has to offer? Fife is one of the best places to live in Scotland. There are so many things to see and do on the Fife coastal path! If you choose to have an adventure there, why not share your snaps with us on Facebook and Instagram?

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